Consignium was born on Sullivan Street between the Shawangunk Ridge and the Catskill Mountains in a misty valley called Wurtsboro. The history of Wurtsboro is as unique as the items in our store. I'll spare you the usual mundane details; instead I'll tell you the following: 
  • Wurtsboro was home to recuperating souls suffering from consumption in the 1890s. They resided in Sanatoriums.
  • The Basha Kill, became dumping grounds for those murdered by New York City gangsters from the 1920s-1940s.
  • Wurtsboro was the gateway to the Borscht Belt Hotels in the 1950s.
Long gone are the sanatoriums, gangsters, and Catskill Comedians from the Borscht Belt.
Oddly, several years ago Russian Spys buried a huge sum of money near the Basha Kill. Don't go looking for it, Federal Agents caught them digging it up. No treasure there, but there are treasures still to be found and more to be listed in Consignium.

We are proud to proclaim that most of our items were made in the USA. Some were discovered locally and others from our treasure hunting throughout New England. We discovered so many interesting and obscure items our home became a museum. We either had to call for hoarder help or open a store. We opened Consignium, filled it with our handpicked treasures and now offer them to you. We will be adding Jewelry soon and Vintage Fashion in the Spring. 

Consignium strives to take you back in time with Rare and Unique:

Quality Retro
Fabulous Vintage
Memorable Collectibles

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