• Hummel like Figurines 3 Signed Japan; 3 Napco Ware C7655 Musicians Original Stickers Vintage


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    Fabulous Hummel like Children Figurines 

    3 Large Vintage Figurines signed Japan 
    3 Smaller Napco Ware Musicians #7655

    Top Row:
    • Signed: Japan - (1939 - early 1940s)
    • Girl Holding Bird - Size approx:   5 1/2"  Condition: Good
    • Boy Jumping Stump Size approx:  5 1/2"  Condition: Hat tiny chip 
    • Boy Fishnet & Fish Size approx:  5 3/4"  ConditionGood
    Bottom Row Fence Boys Fence Boy 
    • Signed: C7655 Original Napcoware Import Japan Sticker 1940s- 1950s
    • Horn & Puppy  Size approx:  4 3/8"  Condition: Good
    • Flute & Duck Size approx: 4 3/8"  Condition: flute broken- this little guy included in lot for free
    • French Horn & Rabbit  Size approx4 3/8" Condition: Good
    There is some slight age crazing - check photos (I found some with magnifying glass)
    Tiny chip on hat of Stump Jumper - Flute is broken and this boy is included for free
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    Beautifully crafted; adorable Collectibles
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